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Image Branding Voice For Broadcast Media

If you are seeking a highly skilled and experienced voiceover professional, look no further than Steve Stone! With decades of experience in the industry, Steve has established himself as one of the most sought-after talents for voiceovers. He has won Emmy awards for his exceptional work. Steve’s extensive resume boasts an impressive list of networks he has worked with, including iHeartRadio, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN, and Fox Sports.

His expertise in sports, music, and news programming make him the perfect choice for any project. Whether you are seeking a voiceover for your radio commercial, TV show, web video, or other project, Steve has the skills and talent to make it happen. Take a look at his demos and see for yourself.

His dedication to producing top-quality results has earned him Benztown Voices recognition with inclusion on the “Benztown 50” list of Radios Biggest Imaging Voices in North America.

When you choose Steve Stone for your voiceover project, you can trust that he will deliver the energy, expertise, and all hustle – no hassle attitude you need to bring your vision to life.