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Work with Steve Stone

If you’re looking to hire Steve Stone for a voiceover project, these samples are definitely worth checking out. With his excellent vocal range and delivery, Steve is the perfect talent to bring your ideas to life! Steve Stone is an Emmy award-winning voiceover artist, known for his “All Hustle No Hassle” work ethic. He provides voiceover work for broadcast clients around the world, such as television and cable networks as well as local radio and TV station affiliates. Steve has developed a reputation as a reliable and skilled professional in the industry. Looking for more voiceover samples? Then you’re in luck! Watch and listen to Steve Stone’s diverse selection of voice work and hear how his focused vocal talents are featured on networks and local affiliates nationwide.

The Importance Of A Media Branding Voice

Professional voiceover artists can bring your projects to life. But when is the best time to hire one? The short answer is whenever you need a high-quality, professional sound in your project. If you want the perfect sound for radio and television commercials, audiobooks, e-learning programs, video games or any other type of narrated material, it’s best to rely on an experienced professional voiceover artist.